Collision Pro is a PPG certified paint shop. Our paint technicians have been certified through PPG (Pittsburgh Paint and Glass). The certification requires technicians to attend training on applications of PPG paint products. The technician is required to take and pass an exam showing that the technician meets or exceeds in all areas of information presented during the training. This exam requires specific knowledge of painting/refinishing applications and procedures.

PPG has developed more OEM color systems than any other company in the world with over 80,000 formulations and state of the art technology. All paint is mixed on sight and custom color matched.

Collision Pro uses Techcore & Eagle Elite drive-through down-draft spray paint booths. The geometric design of the paint booths allows for maximum air flow. The booth also bakes the paint on the vehicle or vehicle panels decreasing the dry time and increasing paint durability.

Collision PRO goes green with PPG waterborne paint

At Collision Pro we are committed to doing our part to guard our ecological systems, reduce energy consumption and address climate change. As a leader in the automotive industry in Montana we recognize our responsibility to address and minimize the effect we might have on the environment. Collision Pro has been a leader in pollution prevention and was the recipient of the Montana Echo Star award in 1997 and the U.S. Small Business Administration for outstanding achievement in pollution prevention award in 1999. Collision Pro has continued to find ways to lessen its impact on our environment and has begun the exclusive use of Envirobase, a waterborne basecoat that is superior to solvent based paints without high VOCS.

For a shop that mixes and average of 1 gallon of solventborne paint per week, changing to a waterborne paint annually saves over 300 LBS of VOCS from being emitted into the air we breathe. This is the equivalent to taking more than 1,000 vehicles off the road annually!

Envirobase® High Performance

Representing the 3rd generation advancement of the innovative, waterborne technology!